Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Happening + Happy day :)

I am not really a workaholic but to be honest, I easily forget about my lunch when I am busy.
I realised God is really cute :)
He knows I am busy but He arranged creative ways to remind me of my lunch, for my fun and even to cheer me up :) - Just like today :)

WKK invited me to go lunch with Raymond and friends - to celebrate Ray's birthday. I felt reluctant to go because most of their friends are strangers to me + they are all 18-19 years old :p However, WKK insists of going so I went :) It was quite fun actually and met some new people :D But to be honest, I WAS SO SHY!!!!!!!!!

Raymond is so blessed cause WKK bought him lunch :D and Boy Boy bought him movie (dipaksa oleh shifu :p)
After the LONG LONG LUNCH at 230-430pm, we went to Bintang to buy advance movie ticket and yes, we watched SALT at night :D It was a nice movie but.. Adui.... suddenly habis liao :| Alamak.... And the movie seems quite short leh... how come... hm....

AND THE MOST HAPPY THING IS... 10+10+10+10!!! (= Teng Teng Teng Teng... )
Kuo Sing and Hui Jin gave me a souviner from Taiwan. WOW, RUBBER STAMPS!!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE IT! and I was so excited and really want to play with this! Thank you kawan for the present! I feel so happy and all the stress GONE in few seconds :D I love the FISH design the most! Woohooooo :D

Wa... i think tomorrow i will be VERY UMPH to work :) God's grace is sufficient for me :)