Monday, November 08, 2010

My birthday :)

Decided to spend sometime "record down" what happened this year. I scare I will forget when i turn old-er :)

Yea, on Monday 1 Nov, The Body Combat team celebrated my birthday! Ah... i really feel so shy when they surprised me with a tiramisu cake. Well, is not about the cake but is about the friendship, the love. ARG!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU
I truly enjoy the body combat class :) We have GREAT SHIFU!
on 4 Nov, my high school friends invited me to Siamese Secret. Yea, with Ah Wui around, the table will definitely full of "jokes". Yea.. i call it jokes :)
Ah Wui, Pei Yun and Angela - Thank you! :)
I really love the pizza though ;)
on 5 Nov, my beloved brother, Marcus, "car" me to KB for sushi :D Ha! Yea,.. i am not a sushi fans but my lecturer Sie Ai loves it :D But i enjoy the time spent together with Marcus, Danger and Sie Ai :) Aren't they cute?
I don't really take sushi though.. but i love the freshness of the food
These are things that i "dare" to eat :p
Aha! The Yellow Red and Green ice-cream - reminded me of Wong Lee Hom
黄绿红 = 王力宏 ;)

at night!!!! ARGGGGG I had the privilege to drive Mini Cooper! Thanks John Lau for allowed me to drive his car and thank to Tiger who planned and putting effort in asking permission from him! Argggg sad sad sad... the car is not mine after an hour :(
We went to Kent's garden to celebrate birthday! Yea.. is really a HAPPY one
Sharon baked 2 cakes for me. Arg.. Xiao Zhong and Xiao Bai were crazy when they saw the cakes! And Kah Khing and William (with part of contributions from Eugene LCS) made the Tiramisu cake for me. To be honest, my heart melt when i saw all these. I feel so loved and so blessed to have this group of people around me :'(
We had fun! We still YOUNG!
The older group
and the potential young group with my 招牌动作 :)
Thanks Sie Ai for playing for us that night :)
Hurray for the car!
on 6 nov, mama prepared me Mee Shua :D Yummy
And before Marina bay, sie ai and i went for Roti and Ipoh Town kopi! I LOVE IT!
and spent sometime at Marina Bay, taking photos and chit chating
and meeting up parents for dinner. Adui.. KUAT SEDAP
Marcus really cute lah (just suddenly feel like saying that)
I received SO SO MANY presents and love from my friends.
1. Winter Jacket for Xiao Lu! ARGGGGG I LOVE IT!!!!!
2. Starbucks Tumbler from WKK, Boy Boy, Jia Yang and Raymond! ARGGGGG I love it too!!!
3. Junk Foodssssss from OMG! ADUI!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
4. Organizer for my accessories from Everise! Apuh!!! I already used it loh~
5. CD and cheque from my sister. THANK YOU DA JIE! Arg i love that CD really much
6. LEE HOM LEE HOM from Sie Ai. THANKS!!!! The shirts are nice!
7. Handmade cards and stamp from Li Ya! Adui.... i feel so shy but THANKS!!!!
8. Handmade card from Ying Yiing! Arg. My xiao Zhong found his brother
9. Handmade card from Julian and Sugar! Good try thank you!!
10. Handmade card from Emily Tuan. Hey, you made NICE CARD!
11. Life book from pastor dorcus. I should start writing something
12. Chocolate from Julian and Sugar! Adui.. THANKS! Guys, you gonna watch out my weight though :)
13. nice sunflower from Michelle and JB.
14. Nice family photo from Jason. Thanks! This photo reminded me of "Ask, Seek and He will handle" :)
15. Calendar from Huijin and KuoSing. Wa.. this calendar will never outdate!
16. Photo frame from David.
From what i received, i made a conclusion :D

I can drink coffee (starbucks thumbler), eat junk food (from OMG) EVERYDAY (calendar). I don;t have to worry about my look after this (photo frame) because no matter how, God answer prayers (family photo). I can continue love Lee Hom (DVD), make cards (Stamps) and I will be well protected by God (winter jacket for my camera). However, make sure i always organize myself and remember everyone in this post in my life book :)

Does this make sense? Argggg i must be too sleepy :(

Thanks everyone again for the LOVE!