Friday, January 30, 2009


When I was doing some works this afternoon, suddenly someone knocked on my door. It was uncle Huat Tiam! The moment he saw me, he hugs me and said "Marlene, you still look the same." [ Well... even the baby fat... i know ^_^]

It has been more than 10 years since i met him last time. When we shared the hours together this afternoon, we flashed back lots of memories. We went to beach together, my birthday, I love gun, I acted like a boy....etc...... Yes he is right, he hugs me a lot when I was a kid and I love to follow him no matter where he went :)

So, i took out some old photos and just wanna share with "you" who read my blog :) Ok Ok i promise,... tomorrow night i shall write something about my card :)

Here comes the photos
1. Beach time!
2 My 4th Birthday
3. I love to play gun :p
4. I love to act!
5. My baby Fat!
6. The photo we took this afternoon :) 

Uncle Huat Tiam - thank you very much for loving me since I am a kid and thanks for the surprise to visit me today!  You filled my childhood with love and care! Thank you! May God bless you and your family and hope you will know Jesus one day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I got this idea from Ian. If you know me and I know you, please add me ya :) I hope to meet new friends (who has same interest or even same believe) and of course hope to meet old friends too (at least i met some! Old in time, not in age)

click this to add me ya :) hee hee. 

(above is not a paid advertisement and is NOT a MUST for blogger to do so) :p

What i do in Miri? (my hometown)

Well, this trip home is very happening :) Beside have to work from home for a month, i will attend some weddings and fellowship :) I am going to post the photos here :)
Today i attended Rui Di's wedding :) He is like a young kid for me :p However, when i attended the wedding, whoever saw me - will have same questions.
1. When did you come back?
2. When are you leaving?
3. Are you come back for good?
4. Married yet?
5. Any partner?

Alamak.... hm... i hope there are some creative questions though....

Aha... ok lah... let me share some photos here...

I designed their wedding invitation card. Due to low budget - I designed just a piece - front and back. Here comes the design :)
I attended their Holy matrimony in the morning
and dinner at night :)

I was quite touched and impressed by the video shown during the dinner. Great job to whoever did that!

So... 1 day gone.... :p

ops... tired.... gonna sleep

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Greetings from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia :)
Happy Chinese New Year :D

(In photo, from left to right: my brother-in-law: Jackson, my brother Marcus, Daddy, Mummy, elder sister: Mary and Me (the one in orange)

I received this message this morning. It is very cute. Share with all of you. It is in Malay (Malaysia's main language) so... i think you will understand this IF you are a Malaysian (or know little bit of Bahasa Melayu or Indonesia) 

Raya Cina sudah mari
Lembu mari tikus lari
Balik Kampung hati-hati
Semua makan satu kali
Minum mabuk whisky brandi
Lepas kentut pasti wangi
Ada kaki terus judi
Try kuda toto 4D
Kalau menang veli hapi
Hati senang sihat bodi
Harap harap semua jadi
Pakai brand armani dan nike
Jumpa kawan pakcik & aunty
kionghi kionghi angpau kasih

Kalau 4ward bayar royalti
kalau tiday saman nanti :)

From me,....
Ops... jangan judi ya :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese new year Last preparation

I was busy cleaning the house with my family for the past few days. I took a day off just to help them do the major cleaning after my medical check up (no worry about this - medical check up is a must at least once a year). I will shoot some photos of my current home with the handmae decoration after i complete them :) The old house @ my hometown is huge - that's why it is not easy to decorate. Cleaning took ages :p and the house if full of parents collections: chinese vase.

I made some ang pao for mama. Brought 4 punches home + some papers + some ink pad to "survive" :) and here comes my angpao. I made 20 in total and I know, this is enough :) Mum has 100++ nice printed ang pao from bank, companies etc. So, these 20 is going to be for someone really special :)

I saw a small piece of left over wallpaper from sister's old house and it just happened to be one of my favourite type of design. So i took it and made 2 cards from this.
Oh, i am going to use my punch and create more flowers to decorate my place :)

Time to continue with work. Although I am home, but I still have to work from home :)

Friday, January 16, 2009


I thought the previous card will be my last one - but recently i accidentally met an old friend Tham through facebook and he is not going back Malaysia for Chinese New Year. So suddenly I feel like make him a card and send to him later. This is the card. Yes.... the stamps used is from SU: The Season of Friendship - so far is my favourite stamps set. I like this kind of "style" :) Hm... Chinese Feel? not too but... the "'梅花 - blossom" is a symbol for new year too :D

I used the colours from "New Love" American Craft as reference and paste a tiny little piece on it too :) Yay, play with my Chocolate Chip grosgrain ribbon (my favourite colour!) too :)

Before i slept last night, suddenly thought of Issac, the little boy. I won't see him for 6 weeks, so I made this card for him. Issac means laughter - and I want to let him know - he brings so much laughter into my life :) Will post to him today as well.

K time to work :) Tonight hve to do packing and ready to go home for Chinese New Year. I will be home for about 6 weeks. Hope can do some cards there though :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009



既然如此... 好吧,就一边唱,一边走向地铁站。听到的人可是赚到哦 :p




今天所看到的 - 明天是否依然在?
那些嘻嘻哈哈的人 - 明天是否也一样?




Chinese New Year cards

This is going to be my last design of my Chinese New Year cards for this year. I have to pack and go home this weekend - and still have to spend sometime to make more "Ang Pao" (red packet) for my mummy :) However, i accidentally found this stamp from my collections - which is very chinese style and it is second hand stamp :) I guess it is made in Taiwan :)

Just a simple layout with touch of cuttlebug (Org.. i am going to miss my card making tools when i go home for a month).

I made these at night - around 11pm - after my dinner with Billy, Joanne and Issac. I love this family :) Issac is really so so so cute! Look at the photos of this family! ("stolen" from facebook) Billy... sorry ah :p

Issac and the daddy - Billy

Issac and the mummy - Joanne

They gave me 3 wonderful gifts but Billy, Joanne, Issac,.. the most wonderful gift from your family is your love and friendship to me :) I thank God for your family :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


It is about time to sleep but i was so excited when I received 2 awards from Juanita. Juanita, thanks for always visit my blog and leave message in my blog. You are such an encouragement to me! Thank you!

Well, the "rules" of receive these awards are
1. I have to nominate another 10 bloggers that i really love to visit their blog.
2. Put the logo in my blog and link to the person who gave me this award.

Ok here comes my list.

The 1st award: Our Lovely Blog.

Well, when i think of this award - i choose the blog which is not only about card but is very "personal" and just... just... just... very "lovely" blog.

1. Shera's Border - a lovable girl who loves to make card!
2.Vivienne's Stamping Airport - she is very new in card making but she just really enjoy making cards!
3.Greatful Heart- she loves to share :)
4.Today is the First Day - she is a very loving lady :) I love reading her blog.
5.Fresh & Fun - she is not only card expert - but she is good in making cookies :p

Award 2 - Coolest Blog

1. Mad Imaginations: My Favourite so far!
2.Fat Cat Stamper: I found her blog not long ago but i will visit her blog almost every day!
3.I {heart}2stamp: I know she is an expert but her blog layout and content is always lovely!
4.KWernerDesign: I think everyone likes her blog :) she demonstrated very simple yet very cool idea!
5.Can you say????Addicted to stamps? wonder where her cool idea came from!

Award 3

1. The Scalloped Edge: Wow - a nice one! Her layout is so beautiful!
2.Confessions of a Ribbon Addict: Recently her blog about sewing is so useful too!
3.My Favorite Things: very sweet design by a sweet sweet lady
4.Oodabug Alley: Her cards are from cute to elegant! Wow
5.Sassy & Sweet Notes: I found her blog through fat cat stamper. Enjoy!


Thursday, January 08, 2009


What I did last night was - I took out a piece of American Craft paper: Tainted Love and started to mix and match and made 4 wedding cards for my friends. Amazingly everything completed in an hour time :) For me - these are quick cards though....

I couldn't remember where i saw the sketch before - however i just did it :) Ya.. is more to paper than stamping :)

Card 1

Paper: American Craft: Tainted Love, Summer Love, Blind Love; SU:Pink Pirouette, Basic Brown, White
Stamp used: SU: Say it with Scallops.
Ink Pad: SU: Pink Passion
Accessories: Cuttlebug Swiss Pokka dots A2 folder, Scallop punch, Scallop Edge, 1-3/8" Circle punch, 1-1/2" Circle punch, 5/8" Grosgrain Ribbon, sewing machine.

Card 2:

Little messy sewing added on to "add on effect"
Paper: American Craft: Tainted Love; SU:Pink Pirouette, Basic Brown
Stamp used: SU: Say it with Scallops.
Ink Pad: SU: Chocolate Chip
Accessories: Scallop punch, Scallop Edge, 1-3/8" Circle punch, 1-1/2" Circle punch,
sewing machine.

Card 3:

Paper: American Craft: Tainted Love SU:Pink Pirouette, Basic Brown, Very Vanilla
Stamp used: SU: A happy heart.
Ink Pad: SU:
Pink Passion
Accessories: Cuttlebug Swiss Pokka dots A2 folder, Scallop punch, Scallop Edge,5/8" Grosgrain Ribbon, sewing machine, brown brads.

Card 4:

Paper: American Craft: Tainted Love SU:Pink Pirouette, Basic Brown, Real REd
Stamp used: SU: Say it with Scallops.
Ink Pad: SU: Pixie Pink
Accessories: Scallop punch, 1-3/8" Circle punch, 1-1/2" Circle punch, 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon: Very Vanilla, Silver brads.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Birthday cards for January Babies

I have 24 friends' birthday in January and February. Since I can't make any cards starting 18th Jan till 1st March (will be away for quite sometime), so i decided to make them these few days. So you probably will see some updates on birthday cards.

Last night i made these 7 cards for 7 ladies :) They are almost my age (still young i mean) but the heart is younger than me! (ouch!) So i made these for them. The paper used: American craft: Ala-Carte - Butternut squash. Stamps: SU All holidays and Warm Words :)

I embossed the Tangerine and Kiwi Kiss paper using my CB (and with A2 swiss dots folder) and did some simple sewing on it... and taadaaaah..... here comes the cards :) [It sounds easy but took me more than 2 hours to create them) The stamp i used: Short and Sweet :)

Did you see the shaped metal clip in above photo? It is from kurtis as well! I love it! This card will be for someone VERY SPECIAL - because the metal clip is a precious gift from kurtis :)

I know this piece of paper is from DCWV - Butterflies Sayings. The stamp is from SU - Upsy Daisy and Butterlies

A special card for a special woman

She likes Victoria style. She loves flowers. She loves red. She loves pearls.
She loves me like her own daughter and she is a very godly woman :)
Daddy part 2, you are so lucky to married this woman in the bible - untie khao tze :D
(Oh, daddy part 2 is how i call my godfather - uncle Lau)

The paper - loose piece from my rack - so I can't tell the name. But i know the pearls (KAISER scrapbook) are from kurtis. He sent me these 2 months ago :) The pearls are so precious to me - so I will use them for someone really special only :)

I created a matching envelope as well :)

Mummy - no worry - you will have one as well - and yours will be special :)

Monday, January 05, 2009

January 09 Sheetload Issue is Up!

The January -09 issue of SheetLoad of Cards is ready to download! It is FREE :)

I am currently one of the Design Artist (brand new though) but my cards won't start until April. I am excited about this and looking forward to make more cards :) Well, well well, I will spend more time to polish my skill before the April comes :)


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Everything about Red and Gold in CNY


Wookay! Back to topic - About Red and Gold!

Chinese loves red and gold for their Chinese New Year. Red greetings cards, red packets (with money inside!), red lantern, red poster on wall etc. Ya... although red is not a colour that i will wear on me, but i love to use red to make cards :)

Mum always wish to have her own red packet to give away (every child or singles "deserve" red packet - or what we called ANG PAO). Well, i decided to make her red packets this year - and i believe she will be very happy when she sees my creations :) Imagine - she probably gives away 200-300 packs every year!!! Well, i will make her 50 only :p

Oh.. 3 Chinese friends will get married during this season too - so i made these packets for them as well :) Ya, it is traditions to bring red packet (with money inside) when you attend a Chinese wedding in China and Malaysia. There are standard "rate" too. :p (interesting topic huh~)

Beside making red packet, I still make some cards for my top 10 friends :p Yes, only 10 cards! These cards are too simple - not even stamping - but i just loving it :) The paper is very nice - given by Liza ... again :) (ya, she gave me lots of stuff!!!!!)