Sunday, July 25, 2010

Japanese Doll

i was browsing my Japan photos yesterday and suddenly soooooo inspired to make Japanese Doll bookmarks :) I spent 2 hours made these 6 cards. Ha.. going to give to some young adult who i really care :) Hope they will like it and will read more bible :)

Tiring day. Spent hours sleeping this afternoon. Tonight.. will rest earlier too! Tomorrow gonna to be a pack day but God's grace is sufficient for me.

Sneak peeks of my July cards

Made very little cards this month :)
here the sneak peeks of my cards :)
click here to view the HUGE CARDS :)

thanks for drop by :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1st traffic summon in my life 人生的第一个交通罚单

I have to say I am a very careful person in whatever I am doing.
I try not to make mistake and try not to give others chances to find my mistake as well.

Everytime when parents answering call while driving
I will show them black face
and keep saying: "Don't answer call when you drive!"
on 6 July
I made the mistake by myself
and I got a summon from the police.
I wasn't that happy about this and I tried very best to argue
The police said I didn't use hands free
but i said I didn't hold the phone with a "free-hand"
I did hold the phone but I was holding steering with my both hands at the same time
while answer the call using loud speaker

I was even angry when friends told me that I have to pay RM300 for this summon
and why not just gave him kopi-o? SORRY LA brother, I cannot support rahsua!

I was angry and sad at the same time and I complaint to God during my quiet time.

"God, why this thing happen to me?
Ya, I admit that I did make a mistake by answering call
but I didn't hold it using one hand!"

When i quiet down
I can feel the answer
God seems spoke to me:

"Marlene, that's the rules.
When I said No Lie, meaning No Lie.
Even if you did lie with good heart
but it is still sin for me.
I will give you punishment (summons)
but my grace is sufficient for you."

"OK God, can I have some discount please?
I know i am wrong and I repent."

After Tatau mission trip,
a police man called me regarding my appeal.

and he said
"We decided to cancel your summon.
You don't have to pay a single cent.
Please come and collect your receipt."
isn't it a miracle?
Yes, His grace is sufficient for me :)
Thank you Jesus.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Motivation Talk at Tatau

I was asked to prepare a motivation talk for 60 UPSR students in Tatau last friday... in Malay language :| Alamak...

While preparing for the talk
I asked God for inspiration and He reminded me 2 video clips from Charge-Up.

I used this video clip as the introduction and I have to say, this video truly inspire me as it linked me to the bible verse 2 Timothy 4:12 - "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."
Although i am not "that young" anymore but this video clip is indeed an encouragement for me.

Before I end my talk, I used this - Matt Dancing as the closing. I told the kids, Do not look down at a small action or a little dream in their heart. They won't know it might impact the world one day.
The one i show is truly a complete video clip - 7 mins but i can only find this in youtube :)

I hope you enjoy these video clips - as i truly love them :)

Tatau Mission Trip

I didn't take much photos during this mission trip
as i was sick for the 1st day
and we have so many professional photographers :)

这个mission trip 好像是一个relationship 的开始 :)
Mission Trip 刚结束

Thank you Micheal, John Lau, Jimmy and Matthew
for really taking good care of us :)

看到team member互相照顾
看到KK和Sheerah勇敢用Malay传三福和带领bible study
忽然觉得真的很enjoy这样的mission trip :)

很开心认识新朋友:惠莲, Shierly, Esther, Hannah, Lee San, Jmee, Linda, Yee Boon( 这2位没有那么新) 期待以后可以一起再去mission trip :)

A trip to share God's mission
Gospel of God and Good relationship of brother and sister :)

开始想念Beckham :)
waiting for group photo :)

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Movie - Hachiko

I watched 3 movies this week.
2 on wednesday at cinema
and one with daddy yesterday at home.

Karate Kid 3 - I LOVE IT :)
It reminds me of Beijing
Life in Beijing, friends in Beijing...
and reminds me of the right attitude towards things that i do.
2hour 15min shows, i truly enjoy :)

The main actor - Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith
is really done a good job in this movie :)
He acted in one of the other movie i watched before
which is really good as well named The Pursuit of Happyness (ya, not Happiness)
meaningful movie... must watch :) Will Smith and his son in a movie based on real story :)
Toys Story 3 - I LIKE IT!
Ah... if not because of bad sound system
i would say i love it :)

Hachiko - I SUPER LOVE IT!
I cried when i watch this movie.
The strong relationship between the owner and the dog makes me cry
The faithfulness of the dog towards his owner makes me cry
The story (is true story) makes me cry
I want a dog like this though...

Ah... i truly love this movie...

However, gonna sleep soon... will share more tomorrow after church :)
Hope you will like it too.
Enjoy :)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Own Challenge :)

Happy Birthday Michelle! :)
I am not sure what to buy for Michelle - she has everything :)
I saw this letter embossing machine in cute and different fonts and i decided to buy for her as present. I challenge myself to use the 4 colours from this machine to make a card for her and will attach with the present :)
The card turns out very kiddish :p Ops but i hope she will like it :)
I used tracing paper to wrap the present. I stitched 2 pieces together and added ribbon :)
Hope she did enjoy herself today :)
Happy Birthday, Michelle