Thursday, November 27, 2008

Made in Shanghai

I will fly to Beijing tomorrow. Before i pack my luggage, i decided to make another card since it is thanksgiving day today. I will send this to my boss later via his driver. Although it looks similar with the other cards (well, this is the only and only fall stamp i have @ Shanghai) but i still love the simple outcome :) Hm... well... i just want to show my appreciation to my boss though....

Made another 3 quick Christmas cards too. but... i gave them 60% only. The colouring part can be improved! I made them till 1:30am in the morning :p that's why i feel so sleepy this morning :p

OK. time to continue work! Will be more detail in blogging when i reach Beijing. Life is really CRAZY and STRESSFUL @ Shanghai :(

God bless... Marlene :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Cards

It is not my culture to celebrate thanksgiving day [Well....we give thanks everyday :)] but i know some of my USA friends do celebrate this day! I quickly custom made this stamp (give thanks) and decided to make 2 thanksgiving cards. One for Byron and Karen (my church pastor from the States) and Liza (the lady who inspired me in card making). Well, of course, i am going to make another special card for my godfather in Holland. So,... again.... with limited tools,.. here comes my cards :) I quite like it though ;) Ah.. these frosted card base are from sheetload :)

I will post them tomorrow! Blessed Thanksgiving day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Joy to the World ... with limited tools

I am still at Shanghai - far from "home" and only brought very minimum card making tools with me. 2 punches, some ink pads, some Christmas stamps and Christmas ribbons. Well, i decided to custom made my stamp with John 3:16 and make my own Christmas cards for my Non-christian friends. I designed the stamp and sent to the stamp shop to get it done. The stamp doesn't give the best effect due to the material used by them :( However, i still quite like the outcome :)

I made these cards few days ago. I received some StazOn ink and special papers as gifts! Wow! Yay! I tried out the white Staz-On with transparent card. I got the idea from kwenderdesign :) Well, my outcome not that nice but still share with everyone who visits my blog. Here comes more simple cards with limited tools :)

Oh ya! Everyone knows i love handmade cards. My team and my good friends tried to make cards for me too. I love it! Thank you my friends :) Oh you can see Mel, Mac and May from the video i attached in my birthday blog :)

Time to work again :) Spent 10mins during lunch to post my cards :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's my birthday today...

It is my birthday today. Yes,... it is:) Happy Birthday, Marlene : )

I am alone at this moment, reading bible, praying, listening to music, meditation, answering calls.... Although this is what I hope to have today, but out of sudden I feel very lonely... Perhaps most of my friends are in Beijing...

One thing i feel sad - I didn't even manage to do what I promised myself today - that is to treat myself a Starbucks Iced Blended Mocha :( I spent most of my time "working" today and ya.. i will do something good to myself tonight :)


I want to say a simple prayer for my family and friends.

"God... I just want to give thanks for You are good. Thank you for my family and friends who love me and care 4me. Thank you Lord for created me. Bless them and protect them. In your name i pray, Amen."

Sharing some photos with you - who visited my blog

Days before my birthday....
Celebrated with my good friends - Wan Yeen, Kam Hoe, Stella, ...

Yummy Awfully Chocolate cake

On Saturday - we went for massage and Hee Zee + wan kit bought me dinner in advance :)

Celebrated with Wing on sunday afternoon @ Grandma's Kitchen

Celebrated with my gangs - Wan Yeen, Kam Hoe, (again) Wan Kit, Wing and June @ Hot pot center on sunday evening

Wan Yeen is currently my best friend @ Beijing

Yummy Fapai Cake

Celebrated with my Shanghai staff this afternoon (away from Beijing on my birthday) and Singapore friends with yummy blueberry cake :)

Oh my staff from malaysia recorded this for me. :) So CUTE!

My staff from Beijing designed a t-shirt and posted to me @ Shanghai. I am very happy for this present :)

Oops: I sent 2 bunches of flower to my dad and my mum. I used to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU to them on my birthday! Without them - there will be no Marlene :) Dad was excited to received RED ROSE this year :) Dad used his mobile to take this photo and MMS me :) Thank you Jason for making this happen :)

... ... ... 7 November 2008....

My good friend Wan Yeen called and confessed: She forgot it was my birthday yesterday! Ok Ok i forgive her although i feel little bit disappointed :)

Christine knew i failed to get myself a Starbuck's Ice blended mocha and she ordered the normal mocha from a coffee shop nearby our office. She printed the Starbucks logo on it and gave to me as a surprise. My tears almost drop that time - cause
i can feel the love given by her. Thanks Christine :) It is not easy to get a simple Starbucks coffee nearby our working place. The nearest will be 20KM from our office :) can you imagine how far we stayed?

Jon chiew treated me dinner as a belated birthday celebration. He is one of my good friends in Beijing. He is fun and humour. He treated us japanese food. Sara, Kenny joint us as well! It was great.

I think that's all the celebrations. Should end now. Time for bed - more works to do tomorrow although it is a saturday. Marlene, God will bless you and lead you in all you do. Amen :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Birthday, my sister...

I always spend time making cards for my friends - and i thought buying gifts for family members are enough for them. I know, I am wrong. My sister's birthday is coming soon and i decided to make a birthday card to her this time. I made this 2 days ago - the "morning" before i depart from Beijing to Shanghai. I am going to post this to her tomorrow. I love you, sister :)

The paper is from American Crafts: Cover Band, Piata and Barbeque. White card stock from Beijing and added touch of Prima flower. Oops, huge and love button - from Shanghai though :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Joy to the World ... Again :)

I tried to search from internet to see what paper i used for these cards but the website i used to visit is down :( Well, i designed these 2 cards for my card making group last Saturday.Everyone got chance to play with embossing and they were so excited about it. Joyce prepared yummy chocolate banana cake for us that day too! Well, these are the simple card i designed for them and they made exactly the same card during the fellowship time. Well - the purpose of the cards - to explore tearing effects and embossing.

I shoot this card in my room @ Shanghai. I am here for work for 3 weeks :( Well, the outcome still not bad though :)

At night, before i do my packing, i manage to make a 2 mins christmas card. It is all in Real Red colour. Well, i think this is very simple but I juve love it :)