Friday, October 30, 2009

Wedding Invitation cards design

Based on the mood board proposed, I prepared 2 invitation cards design for my client :)
Card 1:
Open Size: 28cmx 16cm
Close Size: 14 x 16cm
With ivory envelope.

Design 2:
Size: 14cm x 17cm

Hope she will like it :)

Revised invitation card (due to budget)
1 piece, front and back :) based on design 2 idea :)

M's Sketch #3

Was busy designing church worship powerpoint and feel like taking a break... and saw Savitri's new post about M's sketch #3! Ok... 15 mins challenge for myself and here comes my card!
Messy room? I don't feel like winning it although my messy craft room = my bedroom = my store room!!!! Ok.. showing you .. part of the messy room :)
Woohoo! I truly enjoy the challenge :D Emma, you looks good in your self portrait :D

Back to work :)

Amazing God

I was very sad and down last night due to some reasons and I prayed to God, I said: God, I am weak. Please show me miracles; show me Your way, and show me that You really care... PLEASE!!!!

And today, God sent me few surprises!!!

1. Managed to talk to daddy and understand what is in His mind :) Praise God and will continue to ask God to bless and guide my daddy in whatever he is doing.

2. My Parcel from twopeasinabucket arrived! Woohoo! I got new toys! New stamps! Aha.. These are my new toys but they are not 100% new products! The parcel today mainly my Basic Grey papers! Woohoooo~
3. Fruits all the way from Long Lama! Thanks brother Ling and Wow.. he even wrote my name on the Durian! :D Marcus will love it, i believe :)
4. Langsat from PT! Wow! I never love langsat till my brother brought back some yummy langsat from Lawas and i am in love with this fruit. Today, i can enjoy it agin :)
Amazing day ... kan?

Another Christmas Card

I got my 6x6 Basic Grey papers few days ago and well.. since i hardly sleep yesterday, so i decided to make cards. I made 11 birthday cards for October and November babies ( i know i need 30), 2 christmas cards and 2 wedding invitation cards :) I slept at... ya 4am :)

Just to share. Recipe... hm.... :)

A Card for Jiaxen

This is a belated birthday card for my little brother, jiaxen @ holland :) Ya, obviously i bought some new stamps :p hee hee. Thank you to Savitri for sharing with us the way to tie this knot in her blog. Woohoo. i love the outcome

Hope Jiaxen likes this.


Since Dr Chua's birthday, i think i am in love with "creative cupcakes". Feel like going for some bakery class to learn some basic baking :) I know i know... cakes are fattening but.. who cares :p hee hee.

Ha! I am in love in Pink [joking] :) Here comes my cupcake cards in PINK and BROWN, and BLUE and BROWN. To be honest, I love these 2 colours combination :) Brown - beautiful colour, right? :)

Oh ya! I bought the 3D cupcakes from POPULAR BOOKSTORE. it is made in Korea and it is NICE and SWEET :) [ of course i didn't taste the sticker lah~]



所以在msn 上放了这句: 忽然想回去了....


不知头不知尾的Best-est senior
说:你们所遇见的试探、无非是人所能受的、 神是信实的、必不叫你们受试探过于所能受的.在受试探的时候、总要给你们开一条出路、叫你们能忍受得住。


说:His way is beyond our ways. His wisdom is infinite. Things that happen will eventually lead to His glory. May you be a blessing to your family whom you love and treasure so much.





我这个女儿,为他作了什么呢? :(


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


喜欢牧师的提醒“爱情是会变质的" :)
今天从PP的blog 里抄下了她的听道摘要。喜欢她的文笔,也喜欢她的分享,所以乘机也和大家分享一下

创世纪 2: 18-25, 讲员: PP 教会的林传道

婚姻的目的 ~ 完成上帝的使命
[耶和华说, 那人独居不好, 我要为他造一个配偶帮助他.] 创2:18
这是第一次上帝说不好, 他在创造了之后都看为是好的, 唯独说亚当独居不好...所以就让配偶来成为他的帮助者, 互相补助, 一同治理神所创造。

即将步入婚姻的你, 是否真晓得婚姻的目的呢?

婚姻的本质 ~ 一生一世的盟约
[耶和华神就用那人身上所取的一条肋骨,造成一个女人,领他到那人跟前.那人说,这是我骨中的骨,肉中的肉,可以称他为女人..] 创2:22-23
骨肉 - 是老不可破,永远长存的关系,彼此立约的语言,互相委身
这是一生一世的立约,在婚姻的说明书中它只有单行路,没有 U-Turn,这婚姻列车的司机是我们的父神

婚姻的秘诀 ~ 二人成为一体
[因此,人要离开父母,与妻子连合, 二人成为一体.] 创2: 24
A) 必须离开父母
~ 在心志上要独立
~ 以另一伴的关系,利益为首

B) 成为一体
~ 性,爱,责任,委身 是维持婚姻生活的必须品。但追求灵里的结合,心灵上的合一常常是被疏忽的。
~ PP个人觉得追求身,心,灵的结合才是真正将成为一体诠释的最美最完整

C) 接纳对方
[ 当时夫妻二人,赤身露体,并不羞耻.] 创2:25
~ 赤身露体说的不只是肉体,而是双方没有隔阂.
~ 常常在婚姻/感情生活里出现的问题不是来自对方,而是自己. 接纳不是从对方开始,而是从自己开始.
~ 在婚姻里,最不智慧的就是希望改变对方来应合自己

一下是今天早上wedding的一些photo. Congratulations to Kai Wen and Franky




今天的感触很深 - "我很穷"

哪里知道 - Miri人做事的Style很不一样
什么都是Last Minutes

因为很忙事奉, 忙教会,忙工作

这些东西都要加给你们了。” 太6:33


Monday, October 26, 2009

A Sympathy Card for Our Church Pastor

I used to write dairy (summary lah) before i sleep every night. I will write down the "main point" only and one of today's main point is about a funeral.

I attended a funeral this afternoon before i send my godfather off back to Holland. Pastor Yue Li lost her daddy last friday and today is the father's funeral. I realized i should make a card to her therefore i came out with this card - with my new arrival stamp from Inkadinkado. I know this stamp is old design but i just love the fall feel of this stamp.

May God comforts Pastor Yue Li and her family.
Will keep your family in my prayer.

10mins Christmas Card And Idea

I came across M's Sketch Challenge 2 from Savitri's blog few days ago but life was too busy... therefore i only decided to make this card today. My challenge is not only the sketch but the time - 10 mins ONLY. I try to make the knot that Savitri taught in her blog yesterday :D Woohoo.. nice one :)

I know it looks... not there yet.. but i have to take the challenge that i set to myself - 10 mins - as i have to rush more design works after this.... Few good to make a card in my SUPER BUSY LIFE :(

Just wanna participate cause Savitri is really a very very very nice lady that i met in card-making world. She is friendly and gentle. I love reading her blog. Reading her blog - is like a routine in my daily life :)

Have a great day, everyone :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dr. Chua

OMG(old men's group) 又一起outing 了。这次很浪漫哦!picnic 哦!
原因嘛-Dr. Chua's 生日loh!

JB让一个friend准备了这些cupcakes. 很有牙医的味道哦!:D

这次的主题是:返老还童。 所以,我们用儿童的帽子,儿童的椅子,儿童的玩具,什么都是mini 的 :D hee hee。

Dr. Chua 和他的未婚夫。啊哈!她收到我作的礼物了 :) 希望她会喜欢,也会用哦!
看夕阳,很浪漫哦 :) nice paktho place. hahaha. 蚊子7点以后才出现的 :p

Woohoo... See See See
Greetings from 恩恩
Greetings from 小综
Huijin, hope you have a great birthday :) knowing you is definitely our blessing :)
We love you, sister :)

oh TD 说:我们这班老人是越老越精彩哦!

Handmade Wedding Planner for Huijin

I forgot how come this book - the knot ultimate wedding planner - appeared in my box. Since it is nicely wrap, i believe is my own book :) I donno why i need this book but now i know :) Is to prepare a gift for Hui Jin, the td2 :)

Today is TD2's birthday and i know she is really busy in preparing her wedding - but sometime she doesn't know where to start. So, i browsed through this book, and picked up the main points (still ended 90 pages though.... ) and layout them into a 9.5cm x 17cm organizer insert. It took me few days to do so :(
Here comes the handmade wedding planner. I hope she will like it.
Quite thick :p

I quite like this page though.... in case of emergency....

The cover is from MUJI. But the size is too big.. so i "trimmed" it... so it becomes cacat already.. :(

For the PDF file, please click here to download. It fits 9.5cm x 17cm organizer inserts only.

Happy Birthday, Huijin :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Pink card (with touch of Lilac)

I had a great day - spent with my Godfather and my "little sister", Linzhi. We went for all types of foods and Woohooo.. i am still VERY FULL at this moment. From breakfast at pujut 2, to Rojak @ petronas, than Marina Bay, than Citrus for coffee, than Marriot hotel for sauna and spa, than to Tudan for Crabs! Cheap and nice!!!! Woohooo.... it was quite tiring but i enjoyed the time spent with them :)

Reached home around 10pm, decided to continue with card making before i sleep and i came out with these....

I am not sure why i selected Lilac and Pink when i decided to make a card for Huijin. She never told me her favourite colour, but i just "naturally" linked her with Lilac and Pink. Perhaps she is very girlie, or her character is too similar with my PP who loves Purple :)

I am ready to give this to her tomorrow :) It took me few days to complete the gift in this box. What is inside this box? Will share with you tomorrow after i shoot the photos :)

Stamps from SU: She is all that
ink pad: versa mark
Paper: loose piece (not sure)
Card stock, Lilac (DCWV) with textured and Whisper white.
Others: White embossing powder, buttons, heat tool, lilac polka dots ribbon, brads.