Monday, November 30, 2009

My 1st MT friends

My 1st MT is to China in 2001. We have 9 in the team: Marlene, Ming Leong, Sia Foon from UNIMAS; Teddy, Samantha, Cassandra, Calvin, Callie and Dickson from UTM. I thank God for this trip - i met very nice people and i in love with MT :)

Teddy, Sam and I met up @ Muara just now. We shared about our current life, we chat about the funny things in the MT. We didn't see each other for ... 2 years!!!! I enjoyed the dinner time very much. I hope we could meet up always and I hope we could serve in another MT one day :)
I found this photo from Friendster :) We met @ seahorse 2 years ago when i came back for my dad's 50th birthday :)
and this from my very old album - we went to the MT in 2001. I know everyone is wearing sweater and i am in T-shirt - I just love cold weather :)
Friends, my prayer for both of you tonight is : Continue to serve God with all your heart and your soul. Sam, I hope we could serve God together again one day :) Time to.... zzzzzz

Happy Birthday, Da Jie

(from left to right - mama, marcus, marlene, mary and daddy)

Today is my eldest sister - Mary's birthday.
Da Jie- Happy Birthday! My gift for you this year will be praying for you always - Ask God to safe your husband's soul and give you a baby :) Give you wisdom and strength and bless you abundantly!

Have a great day @ hong kong :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Dec Challenge

Dave bought me 2 magazines. Design magazine and Creating Keepsakes magazine. Woohoo! I love these magazinse and I didn't know they are available in Miri. Thanks Dave for your kindness :)

I saw 3 pages of layout challenges in the CK magazine. I am going to make 3 birthday cards based on the layouts below. Let's see what i can produce tomorrow :) Do you want to join me in this challenge?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The winner!

The winner for my 1st gift to give away is
Leong, kindly email me your mailing address before 1 December! It will take maximum a week to reach you. My email address is: Thanks. BTW, which Leong is this? :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas gift to give away (part 1)

Hi there,
Christmas isn't Christmas without Christ!

This year, I wanna share the love of Christ through more "love" to give. I know - giving gifts is my love language (i show my love by giving more) but spending quality time + words of affirmation are the ways i feel loved :) Wanna know about your love language? click here. Well, if you are interested in reading this book, contact me (for Miri-an only)

How to win these cards? 如何赢取这盒卡片?(一共有10张,3个不同的设计)
(a box of 10 with 3 SUPER SIMPLE DESIGN using SU: Simple of Grace stamps)

Answer the questions, leave ONLY 1 comment. After picks a winner, I will contact the you( if you are the winner), get the address from you and post the cards to you after that. Comments close at 11:11pm, Nov 28. 2009. I will send them to you wherever you are!

Here comes the questions: 问题是....
Do you like Christmas? Why? :) 你喜欢圣诞节吗?为什么?
Answer can be in Chinese language or English :) Malay - boleh accept juga :)

Wohoooooo!Comments are now closed! The winner will be announced shortly :)

人家Raya, 我也Raya...

难得Raya, 难得Huijin不用工作,所以OMG就相约富丽华大酒家吃点心。在等待主席的时候,我们先order了一些点心。

当服务员送上凤爪的时候,我吓到一下。原来td, td2 和Tiger可以这样兴奋的!Amazing!





5.两位成熟的女人- Fuiyoh!


很有Quality :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday 雪梅老师




Monday, November 23, 2009

Meeting up with Sam

I love this place - Citrus - since the 1st time i stepped into this restaurant.
This restaurant is very clean in design and i just love the white and green feel: refreshing ;) Well,.... despite some of the props-lah :p

Since i came back, I will bring my friend to Citrus for
- popeh popeh
- celebration
- sharing
- relaxing
- working perhaps :p

and i realised they have VIP system recently :) I think i can get one VIP card though :)

I met up with Samantha - a friend who went to China MT with me in 2002 and we didn't contact each other for years. I feel great to meet her today - and we had 2 hours lunch, sharing about our life stories, update each other about our current situation.... this is just so sweet and i enjoyed the time we spent together today.

Samantha, wish to see you again and again and again! Join me to my church ya :) I love to serve with you again in coming future.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

1 to 1 workshop

Today - is actually a great day.
Busy with house works after prayer meeting...
met up td, td2 to have lunch with pastor Dorcus - it was a great lunch.
Thank God for Pastor Dorcus who cares for us :)

Enjoy the time spent
Enjoy the sharing
and Enjoy the food very much.

But... too enjoy liao - that's why forgot to take photo! ALAMAK!
Nevermind.. today is just warming up - and we will have our PART 2 next week ;)

Pastor Dorcus, I am thankful - to have you as my Paul ;)
The photo below is for td2. Yummy dessert ordered by her. (she left earlier today)

Met up with DKMY to make 2 cards for someone special.
I like his attitude in this (in this only oh! ;p) - serious in spending time making something beautiful for someone who is special. (well, if ugly also wont be too ugly-lah cause i am the shifu ;p)

I am happy that he is happy with the card.
Too bad my laptop - is in hospital and my camera - is not working... ;( So .. these photos are from my iPhone ;( Not too nice.. but the actual card is beautiful.

Great Job DKMY :)
Ops.. by the way, DKMY is a young adult who is good in poetry :)
These are the cards i made - before the workshop.

The card is in PINK. The actual product is so much better than this photo :) I have to say, Great Job DK.

Kind of tired. Decided to sleep earlier. Good night everyone and have a great sunday :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank you Singapore AUSSINO-ian

I received a parcel from Singapore. I was so touched when i saw what is inside this box- birthday wishes from my Aussino friends in Singapore!

And I feel quite bad when i read them - cause i don't think i treat them as nice as what they said.
They gave me handmade birds with the concept behind: "记得,小鸟要展翅高飞,但累得时候要休息"and a t-shirt with Afro. (I think they saw my photos with Afro before :p)

I hope to share what they wrote to me - but i think i better keep them private & confidential. Thank you my Aussino friends. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH leh!!!!!! My business partner said: We better do something - else Marlene will go back AUSSINO again! :)

I will make sure i wear this t-shirt when i visit Singapore :D
Take good care and HUGS from me!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2012 一派胡言


排队的时候,俊贤看到自己的“过去发型” 很有感触!



为了星巴克的日历,我决定请保镖们喝咖啡。好像没有请过他们喝咖啡。所以,我order我喜欢的咖啡给他们喝! Caramel Machiato and Toffee Nut! Yippeee! 得到这个dairy也要感谢Jason, PP 和Marcus 的印章呢!woohoo! thank you thank you!!!




花10元可以看到这么真又震撼的的3d effects






Happy Birthday to Aaron

Today is the 2nd day Aaron with us - the median :) and today is his birthday! Well, everyone in medianlabs is nice people -so we treated him lunch. Ian is quite naughty in "bully" him today by asking him to play 2 games in his iPhone. One is "liar detector" and another is .... lupa :p Anyway, Happy Birthday, Aaron. Honeymoon is over and time to be more ganas to you :p

By the way... all the best, SPM budak! Praying for you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome Aaron to Median Labs

Aaron is our 1st official trainee of Medianlabs. Welcome Aaron :)
He will be with us for 3 months and Woohooo.. he is good in multimedia!
Looking forward to see his master piece with us! and praying that we could help him to become a better designer :)

Aaron, Hope you enjoy become part of our team!

Nick, Take care of your "boy" ya :)
Us: Ian and Marlene - the directors

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cards with lace

Challenged by a friend - to make cards using burgundy/ red lace. I never play with lace in my cards 4 though. I started to sketch and I think burgundy lace looks good with Black chandelier but unfortunately i am lacking of chandelier stamp :( Gonna invest one before it goes outdated next season.

I stamped the damask pattern on card stocks and embossed with heating tools. is very simple but took me hours to complete this. I personally love the 1st card :)

Colour theme: Black and Burgundy + touch of gold perhaps.

Christmas cards

No photoshop to edit my photos(my AH MacBook admitted hospital), so the photos in this blog - gonna be very original :) no touch up at all.

Made some super simple christmas cards. Hope you will like it :)
Card 1: Red and White

Card 2: Everything in blue. I love the outcome of colouring using sponge. I can feel the silent from the card. Can you?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get well soon, Siao

Visited Siao yesterday.
She admitted hospital due to "Denggi"
Joining me in prayer - to pray for health and early recovery :)


Friday, November 13, 2009

Amazing Kids

I was so amazed to see them playing piano...
They can't even reach the floor when sitting on the piano stool :|


Thursday, November 12, 2009

My best-est brother (part 2)

I couldn't start my laptop since last night and I sent him (i call my laptop Ah Mac) to "hospital" and well, he admitted hospital and perhaps will discharge after a week :( Ah Mac met Miss Pro last week (dave's computer) and i think.. that's y he suddenly sick :)

My brother knew my Ah Mac admitted hospital, so he prepared another computer for me to use! He is funny, he sticks on an APPLE sticker (free sticker when he purchased iPhone) and sent to my room, saying: "Nah, No real apple, pirated one also can la!" Hahahaha! I laugh till "PENG"

In the afternoon, he saw me busy making 50 wedding invitation cards, he offered help to me and after a while he decided to stop and he said: "You already took photo enough lah"! Ha! He knew i will blog this!

I really feel blessed to have such loving brother :)
No computer at night - i might do more reading this week :)

Post birthday celebration

Is not about the food (Although the food is really yummy)
Is not about the location (Although the place is nice)
Is not about who pays the bill :p (thank you ruidi)
But is all about the time, the friendship and the effort!

thank you ruidi and shing siew :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have Best-est brother in this world :)

I got my 1st Lacie Lego external HDD last year and i am in love with this brand since that day! The design is very simple and nice and very ergonomic :D

Today, my lovely brother gave me a Lacie iamaKey USB Flash Drive as birthday present! I LOVE THIS VERY VERY MUCH! This is something i wanted to buy but always feel reluctant due to the price :D and now i can just put it with my car keys! Woohooo! I LOVE MY BROTHER!!!!