Sunday, May 09, 2010


Sheerah送来New Espresso and cream Frapuccino Blended coffee :D 超Yummy.
Sherah, i wonder if you remember - you were the 1st friend i met when i arrived Miri :) and you "car" me to Idaman to meet up with the rest :)
谢谢嘉杨自己做的cheese cake. 很 yummy! 吃完了 :p 明天减肥 :)
你们是上帝派来的天使 :)


Sheerah said...

i didnt realize it oh :p .... you've been my angel in many ways too... God bless you ^^

MakePromise said...

haha thx for promoting my cheese cake LOL!!
haha paiseh first time made myself...
Remember return my favourite container XD

rui di said...

you fat mer? i never think u are fat. ..