Monday, May 03, 2010

CARDS in April

Uploaded some cards made in the month of April :)
Click here to view the cards :)
Thanks for drop by :) Good night :)


Juanita said...

I am having a hard time leaving a comment for you on the other blog. I love the stitching on the monochromatic cards. And the 'best wishes' card with the black glittery circles, that is breathtaking. Did you emboss that cardbase? Or did the paper come like that?

marlene said...

Juanita, there are some people mentioned about this to me. Hm.. let me check what's wrong with my the other blog :) The paper itself comes with the glitter :D I will check on the brand and name of the paper and update you ya :)

Kang said...


Twinky said...

cardmaking in April. love it.