Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1st traffic summon in my life 人生的第一个交通罚单

I have to say I am a very careful person in whatever I am doing.
I try not to make mistake and try not to give others chances to find my mistake as well.

Everytime when parents answering call while driving
I will show them black face
and keep saying: "Don't answer call when you drive!"
on 6 July
I made the mistake by myself
and I got a summon from the police.
I wasn't that happy about this and I tried very best to argue
The police said I didn't use hands free
but i said I didn't hold the phone with a "free-hand"
I did hold the phone but I was holding steering with my both hands at the same time
while answer the call using loud speaker

I was even angry when friends told me that I have to pay RM300 for this summon
and why not just gave him kopi-o? SORRY LA brother, I cannot support rahsua!

I was angry and sad at the same time and I complaint to God during my quiet time.

"God, why this thing happen to me?
Ya, I admit that I did make a mistake by answering call
but I didn't hold it using one hand!"

When i quiet down
I can feel the answer
God seems spoke to me:

"Marlene, that's the rules.
When I said No Lie, meaning No Lie.
Even if you did lie with good heart
but it is still sin for me.
I will give you punishment (summons)
but my grace is sufficient for you."

"OK God, can I have some discount please?
I know i am wrong and I repent."

After Tatau mission trip,
a police man called me regarding my appeal.

and he said
"We decided to cancel your summon.
You don't have to pay a single cent.
Please come and collect your receipt."
isn't it a miracle?
Yes, His grace is sufficient for me :)
Thank you Jesus.


Anonymous said...

This is really a blessing. Amen

yvonne chew said...

Wow... God's amazing and it's wonderful how He has great surprises up His sleeves for us every now & then!

shing yen said...

next time be careful oh

Jeen Hao said...

Haha... That's really a miracle!!! Lols!

Carin said...

God has such good ways of teaching us lessons. You are blessed.