Sunday, January 31, 2010

Few photos for today

All taken by iPhone...
meaningful :P 觉得这些照片有纪念价值 /意思 :)

Photo 1: 1st time 第一次
This is the 1st time seeing Boy Boy singing in church choir. It was so touched to see him on stage :) Life changed - when you meet Jesus.

Photo 2: 被遗弃的小孩 Abandoned kids
They requested this photo to show JB who is busy with works, and not be able to send them home after church today. Apuh, if abandon hor.. will not arrange his brother to send you home-lah!
Photo 3: 一个女人的心情 A Woman's mood
Same sky. 1 min difference. From sunny to cloudy.
You will never predict a woman's mood easily :)


||αн yuиɢ || said...

[ marlene shi fu ]

tis photo make me miss miri gospel church so much ! :x

丁华庆 said...


yea. agree with the weather.but not you la.