Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My 1st card in 2010

Just realized - been ages didn't make cards! Made few cards last night and ... Wow... it was so tiring!!! No idea, no mood, no passion and no energy!

However, i managed to come out with 3 cards.
This is for Steve - a music/sound man :)
A youth told me - he likes Black and with touch of Blue and tonight we are going to celebrate his birthday with him. Here comes the cards - challenged by the colours given by him.
I am going to give him my own T-shirt design. Thank God i still have one in my box (smaller size). I repack the t-shirt using the storage box i bought from Thailand :) I quite like the outcome. Haha. I hope he will like it too.

Today gonna be a very pack day :( Marlene, 加油!

Tomorrow will work on Chinese New Year cards. There are few orders but... aha... just too busy with works... :(


Agnes Sim said... year and new style for the card. hehe nice!

Juanita said...

Great gift.
You are right, it has been a long time since you have put a card up for us. It is so easy to get out of practice, I know that for sure. But you don't seem to have lost any of your skill or talent.

Erica said...

Hi Marlene,

Maybe your mojo wasn't working at its best, but these are adorable cards. Happy New Year!