Thursday, January 21, 2010

Surprise from God... again..

I was expecting a parcel from USA the moment i stepped on MIRI but mama said... no BIG parcel for me but some letters. I was so touched to see so many letters in hands - and 11 in totals.... are all handwritten letters and postcards! Oh.... I was overwhelms.

Thanks to PP (from singapore), Kimmy (from Beijing), Juwene (from KL), Florence (from Hong Kong), Yih Ling (from KL), Xiao Xi (from Beijing), Jean (from UK) Seow Fei (from Singapore) who made my day!
I love this wood postcard, PP.

Postcard made by cloth. I can cut and DIY a monkey from this card.
A gift from Florence
Handmade card by PP :)
Some nice ribbons in the parcel. Thanks PP
Yih Ling's little cousin made these for me.
and THANK YOU MAMA for changed my PINK curtains to Brown :) I love this colour very much!
Gonna post about the things i bought from Thailand though....


Juanita said...

Glad you are back, that was nice of your mom to change your curtains for you.

seowfei said...

you're most welcome Marlene...
so, let us knw when you're stoping over to Singapore (: