Monday, March 29, 2010

受宠若惊 3 - New Toys Arrived!

Thanks Liza for the beautiful Easter card! Woohoo! All the way from Jakarta! This is my FIRST Easter card in my life!
Thank you Mei for posted my new toys to me! Woohoooo~
I am just so happy today for these!
Gonna mount them later :)

My stamps

My pattern paper and markers

My new punches
Syiok kan? Ok. no more investment in 2010 :p (unless got 4 months bonus lah.... )


shinwen said...

hey sis.. nice to meet you here.. finally i found someone who have the same interest with me.. =)

i love handmade stuffs too.. urs is so nice weh.. =) *ENVY*

Agnes Sim said...

wah!! really syok la..i pun syok le! I wish i got budget to buy those materials. 流口水~~:p

Anonymous said...

hey...I like handmaking cards veri much..and i saw ur punchers...may i know where did u get all those stuff.....thx ya