Sunday, March 21, 2010

Youth Choir

Went to a youth choir concert "yesterday" - 650 YOUNG choir members :)
I just love it :) I truly enjoy myself except the auntie and her daughter popeh-popeh-ing on and off behind me :(

I love their heart of serving :-
They choose to serve the Lord when they are still young
They choose to serve the Lord with their talent
They choose to share the passion with people surrounding them :)
They deliver the message of How Great is our Lord to us
They praise God and worship God on behalf of us...
Ahhh... i enjoy the concert very much :)

Good job to all the volunteers too!
Proud of you all lah :) Kevin, Ruidi, Sandi, Jun, Fen, Kit, Fook, Juan, Steve, Calvin, Ryan :)

Woohooo~ 1st time upload video from my iPhone :p
Awesome presentation! Imagine - learnt and practiced in 3 days time! Praise God for that :)
Time to sleep. Church service at 830am :)
Aha.. a photo of the celebrations :)


Terence said...

Love the camp very much~

Terence said...

woohoo~my parents saw you, haha~

山猫 said...

I've got a few cousins there... :)
I envy then... if only we had this kind of opportunity when I was with junior youth choir...

Terence said...

Ok =).
Because I got present in first few presentations, so after that being upstair, then couldn't easily saw others.=)