Tuesday, October 26, 2010


yea,.. it is weird that i give my teddy bear and my camera a name :) Well, i think they both deserved a name - cause they are really special in my life :)

My teddy bear - Xiao Zhong - aged 4, born in China :)
My Lumix - Xiao Lu - aged 3 months, born in Japan :)

There are some stories why i love Xiao Zhong and Xiao Lu :)
will share with you when i am ready :) I guaranteed - they are beautiful, touching and cute stories :)


Rui Di said...

I see myself in the picture :)

Anonymous said...

hey..may i knw where did u get all those craft stuff,stamp and punchers??

marlene said...

imported from usa :) email me and i will send you some link that i used to buy my toys :)

Anonymous said...

oo..thx for sharing...my email is