Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Body Combat Class

I think I started to join this class in .... late June? Hm... Not too sure :p I was quite disappointed for the 1st week (because we were BC-ing with video, which i think we can do it anyplace, anytime) but i told myself: Well, perhaps i should give myself 3 chances...IF SOMEONE WILLING TO GO WITH ME.

So, i "accidentally" mentioned this to few of the young adults. They seems quite interested. Alah, i don't care - and i decided to "myvi" all of them to this class and i am happy to know they are in love with Body Combat and brought MORE and MORE friends too! Woohoooooo

I think it is important to stay healthy - although i "snake" sometime huh~ :p
Thanks to our BC shifu - for putting effort and time in BC-ing with us :)

I should be very tired after today's BC, but I am not sure why i can't sleep...
Hm... may be i should just force myself to the bed now :)
Thank God for a fruitful Monday - though quite "blue" but full of grace :)

oh ya, Happy Birthday, Huijin the Dr. Chua :)
I truly enjoyed the fellowship just now :)

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Rui Di said...

quite blue....But full of grace...