Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Handmade cards i received

I was so excited when i received the handmade cards from friends who love making cards too :) Below are 5 cards that i received this year. Thanks Senny, Liza, Wahlau, Shera and Vivienne for the heart of sending me these cards. Aha.. the card by Wahlau is currently at home - i will upload it tomorrow :D

This is from Senny :D I love the pearl decorations! So beautiful

This is from Vivienne - so simple and nice. Vivienne has her own way of tie the ribbon.

This is from LIZA! Nice - as usual

This simple and nice card is from Shera

Friends, merry christmas :) May God continue bless you and your family abundantly :) Wahlau - after you said YES, then i will post your card here :D I love it! You and Tze Yiing did it with your heart!


wahlau said...

don't post mine. mine siasui only - just for your private view only :)

marlene said...

hahaha, :) i hang that on wall @ my house. That's why always forget to bring to office! :) Ok Ok.. private view. But hor.. i can shoot photos to make it nice nice leh :p

wahlau said...

hmmm... if not nice then you must touch up a little :)