Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sharon

It is Sharon's birthday! She is one of my best-est friends :) Having her as soulmate in life is definitely a blessing to me :) the OMG celebrated her birthday @ Our Daily Bread yesterday and we wewre happy to see her super happy face :) The theme for this birthday is: Polka Dots + Ladybird (or lady bug) = 小鸟伊人的女人 :p

Yes! My 1st CUPCAKES! Made these with Huijin :) Recipe and design are from a book by Martha Stewart. The outcome... not bad huh~ :p
Thanks Kuosing for the photos and ey... it was a great night oh :)


Sh@z said...

Thank You to my dearest 师傅 and Dr. Chua;for your very first-"cup" cakes to me!Thank You to my dearest OMGs;for your warmth and love! Thank You GOD!

Liza Yon said...

good job Marlene! very pretty.