Friday, February 12, 2010

i love this card

Made this CNY card for friend (with good taste). Surprisingly the outcome is quite nice and now i declare this is my CNY favourite card of the year :) I like the idea on how i link the HOPE (front) and the FAITH (inside). When we hope, we put our faith @ Him :)
Made these CNY cards for my close friends (and little brother) in Miri and 2 of them comes with some homemade cookies :) Hope they will like it though... Yea.. i made the packaging - and it matches my cards :) And yes,.. it is in PINK :D

Everyone is busy with Chinese New Year. I am gonna make some red packet tonight :) Woohoooo


leeling said...

wow .. both these cards are very very nice leh .. ^^
btw, wishing u happy chinese new year here.. ^^

Rachfaith said...

how do u make red packet?
can't wait to see how it looks like haha

shinz @ cosycabin said...

whoa...these CNY cards are gorgeous!