Saturday, February 06, 2010

Today is really HAPPENING!

Happy Birthday, Shu Shu, Dick Kwan and Pastor Jenny!

I made these 3 birthday cards this morning around 230am :)

This ladybug card is for Shu Shu - matched my cupcakes design :)

This is for Dick Kwan. Hope he likes it though :)
And this is for Pastor Jenny. The colour and layout was inspired by Dawn's Red, Cream and Kraft post here.
Today is Boy Boy's graduation too! Made this for him!
This thank you card is for a youth, who asked for my help in making him a card - for him to express his gratitude for his parents on his birthday. I hope he likes it... and i feel so touched to know how God changed his life... I hope his parents can feel the love when they receive it.

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Joan said...

marlene.... ur gift received already, thks ya.... sorry ahh... lately too busy and forgot to inform u... pai seh :P