Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ong Tou on the "blog"

Ong tou is my best-est guy friend (hm... actually i have another best guy friend who i think i never hide anything from him, but...) and FINALLY he started a blog to share his passion with YOU, YOU and YOU! Woohoo! I am so excited about this and i hope you drop by his blog always :)

Ong tou is a creative designer, good in drawing, sketches, idea, design, concept, makan-ing; own a design company (by himself), good in salsa, tennis, badminton; kind and generous, soft and gentleman, loving and caring (adui.. i sound like "promote him" the other way :p) Single and available :p Woohoooo~ [ong tou,... i am gonna charge for this advertisement fees ya]

Just wanna share his passion with people who drop by my blog though :D

Ong Tou, you rock!


ongtou said...

wow! im on marlene's blog! n i really think even i can't promo my blog better than u did! ( i hope u r not going to charge me a bomb! haa...) thanks marlene :) this is something new to me but i shall learn from the 师傅! :D u r keeping a very nice blog here and i wish i can do the same :)

shadan said...

很辗转的来到你的blog,不知从哪里的哪里去到Dream Land,再从Dream Land 来到你这里,发现原来你来自砂劳越,然后很有兴趣的慢慢看,才发现,诶,你认识Ong Tou! 哈哈,他是我中学的同伴同学,我的班长!世界好小。