Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our God is a lovely God

Some of my friends knew what happened to me yesterday. I felt threatened by someone. I was in fear but angry at the same time. Thank God for sent me friends that advised me and a great business partner who helped me to have further discussion with that supplier. I prayed,... and the supplier apologized. However, the story is not "finish" yet. More things to settle...

However, I still feel very unhappy and decided to work OT till quite late. I didn't even switch on my mobile (since it was low battery) and just feel like spending time reading and make cards. Thank God for a call at midnight - informed me about a surprise present for me @ my house flower pot. Thank you Mr. Postman for the surprise and thanks Jill for the gift - all the way from Dubai. Blue and Brown - my favourite colours combination.

When i opened the gift - a voice came in me: "in His time,... in His time,... He makes all things beautiful in His time..." I have to say Thank You to my God for always prepare surprise for me when i am down and He just has His way and His time to do all these for me.

He cares for me.
He cares for you too.
I love you Jesus.

Today, Ian will have his 2nd child in the family :) Ian, praying for you....r wife :) Jia You melanie!!!


Jill said...

:) Indeed, in His time...

Juanita said...

I am glad you turned over your emotions to the Lord.
I would love to send you little gifts to let you know I am thinking about you!