Friday, June 04, 2010

Angels of the day

Today isn't a good day for me... at first
I know i am weak in certain area
but God, i need strength from you
and wisdom especially.
God, i need you.

After super long working hour,
I met up with Yee Boon and Danger
I think God is just so sweet
that He arranged these 2 angels
to present me a little gifts
that they bought during their trip last week

Yee Boon bought me the Marshmallow
which packed like a pad :p
(i bought this during my trip to Taiwan as well
and my cousin said 怎么有这么恶心的糖果)
but it is so special kan?
Thanks Yee Boon :)
I truly love Taiwan as well :)

Danger bought me canvas bag.
I told him
I love canvas bag.
I love brown and white colour
and the canvas bag he bought for me
is in brown and white
so I love it :)

Thanks both and i truly enjoy the time we spent together
and lets do it more often ok?

Maggi Mee Goreng Fellowship :)

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