Saturday, June 05, 2010

终于, finally, akhirnya

Finally after MONTHS
i organized my ribbons, buttons, cardstocks and punches :)
(Eeeee. patterned paper.. many be next month)
and happy or sad to say
my bedroom is now 25% looks like a bedroom
and 75% looks like a craft room :)
I still have no time to work on my cards
(too many obstacles recently
and life is kind of busy...)
Hope i can make some cards tomorrow afternoon
after the sunday school :)

June, lots of good friends' birthday
gonna make special cards for them :)


I custom made these (set of 2) ribbon racks.
Thanks to Daddy who helped me in completing these racks :)
and Thanks to Ah Wei uncle for bought me the steels and woods.
This is the elevation for the rack.
I removed the top part in the end :)
My cardstocks and buttons
More punches on wall
(thanks daddy for completed them for me when i was away)

And my cards magazine :) These are expensive magazines :(
Feel so much better after everything is more organized.
Gonna make some cards loh~


丁华庆 said...

YA!我在等妳给我的礼物 ><

Shirley said...

Question! Where do you get your ribbons? Especially the dots and patterned ones?

Thank you!

marlene said...

Jason - Heehee.. you will see :)
Shirley - China :) From my supplier (they printed extra for me when i was working at beijing). most of them are custom colours (for our products) and... not much i have actually. Mostly is 20 yards each pattern.

Agnes Sim said...

OMG!!!! It's awesome! I like your clean n neat organizing!! Mine place is soooo messy!

liya said...

love it! it reminds me of going into a actual scrapbooking store!