Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ong Tou

Ong tou is a very close friend of mine since LICT.
He is a guy who is
- very gentleman
- very thoughtful
- very kind
- very famous (yea, always surrounded by girls girls and aunties :p)
- very good in drawing (please drop by his blog! and support his new book - when it is out la)
- very good in salsa
- very good in sports (badminton, swimming...)
- very tall (ong tou, 185 kan?)
- very skinny (ish, makes me feel bad)
- very loso sometime (like to ngek me .. ish)
- very caring
- very forgetful (he hardly remember what i did wrong)
- very good memory (he never forget my birthday)
- very active (he is part of the Digi Next Level showcase. Please stay tune @ NTV7 on 7 July!)
- very "teh" (he can be as manja as a girl sometime)
- very supportive

okok enough of this :P
He is my best-est guy-friend and i truly treasure this friendship
I will definitely see him everytime i go Kuala Lumpur :)

Ong Tou, happy birthday :)
Hope you like my present. It is so hard to buy present for a really good designer.

I am imagining .... when we grow old....
You me and yih ling... still Kim Gary-ing :p
Buy you dinner when i see you next time ya
and wish you all the best

ok.. if you think the above is "declaration of love"
you can just assume it :D
since today is your birthday! hahaha
所以很长气 :p

Ong Tou, 我们认识事是10多岁
现在我们不是20多岁了 :p
hee hee. 看来,我们“有排”认识 :D

a present for Ong Tou - gonna post about this TOMORROW :)
(cause he hasn't receive it yet)

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