Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can you see rainbow?

Can you see rainbow from my new cardstocks?
Yes, it is really really hard to get cardstocks at my hometown and thanks to Mei Yin who brought these back for me all the way from Jakarta! THANK YOU!

And some of my stamps as well :)
And i really want to say THANK YOU to LIZA for this lovely SU summer catalogue and magazine. These really inspired me. I am going to make some cards tonight!!! And Thanks Liza for the nice card! Arg... is so MALAYSIA feel :D

OK. Enough time to admire my cardstocks and time to start my card making!


cokegal said...

hi marlene,

if u ever come to singapore, i cn bring you to our local scrapbook shops ;)

Anonymous said...

marlene, i stumbled into yr page n i cannot help but noticed this conversation bout papers from jakarta. am curious, r they aplenty there? is it a specialised shop? ..nways yr collection seemed more beautiful than the rainbow n yr cards r truly work of art, u r so talented babe!