Sunday, June 06, 2010

New Toys!

New Toys! New Toys! New Toys!
Got some new toys today via Michelle. Thank you!!!!
I love them so much!

Verve has a lot of biblical stamps but they don't deliver to Malaysia :(
Thank God for Michelle who is currently at Australia and willing to order for me and Thanks to Tom who brought these back to me all the way from Australia :)

Wow, I can imagine all these verses will appear in our Love Station very soon :)

I bought these 2 (extra) I just love them and going to give away to someone :) Hope she will like it :) There are reasons why i selected these two verses for her. Will post out to her soon though...
Actually I bought some embossing folders (mainly for love station) and die cut templates. Talked about these folders, it reminded me of a prayer been answered :)

There was a day, ohmycrafts on sale. 75% off for most of the folders and dies below. I put all these list in my shopping cart and i prayed to God. I said.. "God, should i buy these? it is 75% off. Please do let me know if i can buy by either provide me with the money or just give me a hint."

My dad was editing a safety video in front of me when i made this prayer and he was so tired and he unplugged the earphone and turned on the speaker loudly. Suddenly, a voice came out from the computer: "By Now, you should be able to see.... " and i opened my eyes SUPER BIG and said.. "THANK YOU GOD,... are you trying to say BUY NOW?" Hee hee hee. Dad said 强词夺理 :p

So here comes my dies and folders :)

So many new toys....
but lack of time...

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Agnes Sim said...

wah!!! 好久沒來看你的了。一進你的部落格,害我驚嘆聲連連~~~羨慕死了!:p