Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dream comes true 梦想成真

Sam shared with me about her dream last August and the dream comes true this month :) She managed to run this project in the hotel she is serving (Imperial Hotel) - by selling the postcards (with orphan's drawing and old folks' photos) and raise funds for them. This is a great idea, Sam :) I love it! And thanks for sharing with me the lovely idea :) You did great job! I love this idea very very much.. and i feel LOVE from this!

Please support if you still running out of ideas on the Christmas Cards you gonna buy for your friends :)

Dreams can come true if you work it out :)

I received this handmade card from Daniel last sunday. This is so lovely! Wonder where he got this from! Thanks Daniel. This is my 1st Handmade Christmas card :) Woohoo~

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