Saturday, December 19, 2009

Quick Christmas Cards making session

It is always great to have card making session.
Good opportunity to -
a) getting together
b) sharing
c) popeh-popeh (talk)
d) fun
e) work as team

Ruidi and Sandy came to my house today. They were the 1st "group" of people (well.. just pair.... ) who allowed to work in my room. Sheerah was the 1st one :) We had great time making the cards together :) I hope those who receive this - will feel the love from this couple as well. I think they made 24 cards in total in 2 hours time! Great job, Ruidi and Sandy!

No more christmas cards making class until 2010 :)
Received a Starbucks Ornament from Ruidi! Love it!!!! THANKS!!!!! Hm.. i think i need a christmas tree :p

Gonna sleep earlier today... because tomorrow is SUNDAY... gonna go to church :)

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