Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Simple Cards

Made these last night and gonna send out today :) I know these look simple :) Patterned paper with ribbon, and embossed words with silver powder :)
I know it is kind of weird to have houses for baptism card for Jiaxen - but.... 2 families (my family and his family) shouting for him on his baptism day :p (this is the concept :p)
Gonna rush for something today. Busy and long day. May the joy fills my heart and your heart today :)


Jill said...

Love the cards! You said simple, but that's real simple elegance! :) Love the houses too. Too cute!!

Juanita said...

I like that baptisim card, what a neat idea to have the little houses on there.
I like the black cards a lot, they are very strong looking.