Saturday, December 19, 2009

God's grace again :)

I had an accident 10 days ago and amazingly... i got my car back in 10 days time.

Some unhappy things happened during the process of getting my car back, but i know - i just have to learn to be more "fierce" :( I dislike to talk to people whose face is "Black" all the time no matter what "tune" i am using to talk to her and is like.. i owe her 100,000.00 money look :(
However, I try not to spoil own mood today and i decided to take my car and run. Thank God my brother was with me the whole process and although he didn't talk loud to her but he looks fears :p

Thank you Lord for the car :) By Your grace, i got my car back in 10 days time. (They promised to give me back latest by Early February 2010!)
And my car is still so "bling bling'" :)


山猫 said...

fierce is my trademark leh... even when I am not I was thot to be upset... hahaha, want any tips? No 1 is the eyebrow... make them thicker like mine (that's the main reason why people thot I am fierce when I am not)... abd by the way, glad to see your car is as good as new!

Sl3epYbOnG said...


Juanita said...

So glad it turned out even better than you thought.