Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Daily Working Place

I was thinking of taking photos of my work-place for card making - but i failed casue i reach home quite late normally. However, i plan to do it this saturday or sunday. Hee, the place is in a mess though :) However, I took these photos of my daily office few days ago... sharing with all of you :) ha! the Big fan - is something extra :p Sometime i just wanna have the feeling of "moving wind" and i will use that. It helps in creating ideas though :P

Doraemon - is a Japanese character. He is very smart and always find solutions easily. He has everything in his pocket. Everyone called me Doraemon - i hope is because of this reason. :) Well i know... i am as chubby as Doraemon as well :)

The other corner of this room - is ... super messy! So.. better keep don't show :p

Work time! :) It is Thursday....


Sharon in NE said...

I love Max Lucado! In fact, I heard him in person which is quite something as I live in the middle of U.S., not in a highly populated area, but he spoke at a Women of Faith conference. Incredible! He speaks just like he writes. I could just sit and listen to him all day. :D

Carin said...

I love what you share. Your cards are great, but just as good is the idea that I can find out about things in your life when you live half way around the world... I just think that is so cool!

Radiogirl said...

Love the pix and the little comments too. My work space is seldom that neat...I'm sort of envious. :-)

jasonpraise said...

wow! nice "white" office.
i think i can work whole day
if i have that kind of enviroment