Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chinese New Year cards

This is going to be my last design of my Chinese New Year cards for this year. I have to pack and go home this weekend - and still have to spend sometime to make more "Ang Pao" (red packet) for my mummy :) However, i accidentally found this stamp from my collections - which is very chinese style and it is second hand stamp :) I guess it is made in Taiwan :)

Just a simple layout with touch of cuttlebug (Org.. i am going to miss my card making tools when i go home for a month).

I made these at night - around 11pm - after my dinner with Billy, Joanne and Issac. I love this family :) Issac is really so so so cute! Look at the photos of this family! ("stolen" from facebook) Billy... sorry ah :p

Issac and the daddy - Billy

Issac and the mummy - Joanne

They gave me 3 wonderful gifts but Billy, Joanne, Issac,.. the most wonderful gift from your family is your love and friendship to me :) I thank God for your family :)


Agnes Sim said...

nice cny card. ;-)

Vivienne said...

wa~~ nice card. I like the stamp~

Juanita said...

I love how you found the stamp 'by accident' That is something I would do.