Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A special card for a special woman

She likes Victoria style. She loves flowers. She loves red. She loves pearls.
She loves me like her own daughter and she is a very godly woman :)
Daddy part 2, you are so lucky to married this woman in the bible - untie khao tze :D
(Oh, daddy part 2 is how i call my godfather - uncle Lau)

The paper - loose piece from my rack - so I can't tell the name. But i know the pearls (KAISER scrapbook) are from kurtis. He sent me these 2 months ago :) The pearls are so precious to me - so I will use them for someone really special only :)

I created a matching envelope as well :)

Mummy - no worry - you will have one as well - and yours will be special :)


Savitri said...

This is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Lovely work! So elegant!!

Vivienne said...

aaaaa....so beautiful!!!!!!!

Sharon in NE said...

What a beautiful card. Something she will always treasure...like you.