Friday, June 19, 2009

Card making class @ the castle

It was a very busy day but i truly enjoyed this day :) I was invited by JB to have a simple workshop for "his kids" at his new opened cafe - the castle to make father's day card for the kids to write something for their daddy. There were 7 kids (all guys) in total and a friend of mine, Ah Juin just bump in to make a card as well.
I was doing demonstration on how to make this father's day card. Look at them. They were paying attention! They are so cute!

Zhi Ngien is trying out my cuttlebug :) He loves this tool :) Nikko not bad too! :)
Darwin did well in stamping and Jia Xuan tried very hard in making the knot :)
Everise tried on heating tools :)


Finally, the cards, the makers and the owner of the shop :)
From left to right: Darwin, Everise, Nikko, Ah Juin, Marvin, Jia Xuan,
(back) Zhi Ngien, Gui Wei and JB.
Me and my little Khai Soon :) Me and Ah Juin
Jason was having his jamming @ the castle before the card making class. He sings very very well! 

Again JB, thanks for inviting.


Shera said...

i wana play with ur cuttle bug~~~~~~ never tried one of those babies....

Juanita said...

You are a fantastic teacher! All of those cards looked just like the one you posted, so you gave great instructions.

Sl3epYbOnG said...


Michelle T. said...

mari buat buat same/ doing together-gether. Niceee!