Monday, June 15, 2009

You make my day :)

Thank you Michelle for sending me her handmade card + Hillsong CD! I am listening to this CD while blogging :) Nice Nice Nice!

I met Michelle through her brother, JB. She is a very talented girl in card making and cooking! What I like about her is - she is a very transparent and humble girl and love to share with others :)

Michelle, continue use your gift to bless others. Woohoo~ I am one of your friends who di-bless-ed by you :) THANK YOU!

Thank you JB as well to be the Mr Postman in passing me the CD during Khai Soon's dinner time :)
Aha! Let me intro the "princes" below
From Left to right
JB : Tauke Prince 王子老板, Khai Soon: PPP, Ping Pong Prince 乒乓王子, Boy Boy: Prince Charming 白马王子(自称), Augustine: Prince of Piano 钢琴王子, Everise: Prince of F4, F4王子 and the one holding camera: 人见人爱...... (you know what is after that :P)


丁华庆 said...


alamak! you got the latest hillsong album...
its released! i want to buy!

Ah Sian said...

yea i knw who r u ....