Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick cards + mini workshop

Michelle reminded me to update my blog :p Yap, been very busy lately + sick.....

I ter-cut my finger (left middle finger) last few days and it is still very painful today, plus rashes all over my body (increasing),..Arg..... i totally run out of mood in making cards or even going to work :) But i know i need some birthday cards and thank you cards these few days so i decided to make some quick cards and going to mail them these few days.
Birthday cards for girls :)
Thank you cards for "them" :)
Ah yung, Chee Ngien and Everise came for lepak. They decided to make a card for "someone special" Ah.. obviously girls :p Chee Ngien's card is very Man :) oh, they tried my Big Shot :) So fun hor! :)

Augustine and gang came over the night before with JB. While we were discussing about our project, Augustine started play my lauzy digital piano! Wow, i think my piano found the real piano lover :) The music was so great but i failed to upload from my phone. I will post some short one over here but not the complete version. I enjoyed the night so much and the music is really lovely. It is my pleasure to have the chance to witness his play :) Thanks JB for bringing this "doctor" over my house :)

Augustine is only 17 and he plays so well. I am going to grab more people to go to his concert in the end of this year! Augustine, jia you. Proud of you!


||αн yuиɢ || said...

maelene shih fuu !! haha !! thx for teaching me make the first card ^^ lovee it so much hiak hiak !! got bit feel dun wanna gib fren niaw !! LOLXx !! anywhere thx thx arhh !! hmm , waoo !! tat augustine !! still owns me one time playing pianno he self say de hahah !! erkk , tat jia xuan !! funny sii !! like self playing pianno at there hahaha !! XD

Juanita said...

I hope you start to feel better soon. A wise person told me once that when you get sick, it is your bodies way of telling you to slow down and ejoy the days when you are healthy. God is watching out for you.
Those cards are so beautiful, the colors on the birthday girl cards are perfect. I may Copy And Share Everything about your card!

Carin said...

Sorry you are still not feeling better... hopefully soon! The cards are really cute... love the butterflies!