Sunday, June 21, 2009

Proud of you

I wanna post about my graduation night but i am still waiting for the photos :) However, today is quite a fun day... although i have rashes all over my body and i feel so itchy most of the time... but i truly enjoyed this afternoon.

I went to piasau camp to visit little Khai Soon - clowning - and entertaining kids @ a birthday party. Out of sudden, i realized he is really humbly serving them without complaining about the HOT HOT weather this afternoon. Out of sudden, i feel so proud of him. I took this photo with him and i love this photo so so so much :)

He gave me a balloon and... whoever visited my blog before might know - i am scare of balloons! However, this tiny cute balloon did cheer me up and i prayed to God - is this the way you are going to remove my "fear" towards balloons?

Boy Boy took a photo with him too. They are good friends :) Boy Boy is really a nice youth as well. 

Tomorrow I am gonna rest for a day, (gonna see doctor) and after that will try to make some cards. I have to "start working" on tuesday onwards! so .... pray hard, play hard :)

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Juanita said...

Looks like a good day. That is a very cute way to overcome your fear.