Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Undergraduate Short Term Mission Training Graduation

After rested for 30 hours (ya... was sick for the past 2 days and slept on and off for 30 hours in 2 days time), finally, i woke up with rashes on body and continue working (blogging actually). Thank you RUIDI for all the photos (for my graduation) and it means so much to me. Di, Thanks and i truly appreciate it :) Ruidi is a great photographer who serves God humbly and he is my little brother part 2 :) He called me Er Jie (meaning 2nd sister). Let me generally brief about the graduation that night :) Oh ya, it was my Undergraduate Short-Term Mission Training Graduation :)

We supposed to start at 730 but due to the "habit" of being late in Miri, we started our ceremony at 735pm. Everyone is looking at our bulletin - with a game in it :) They could win a limited edition t-shirt if they manage to answer the questions and be the 1st 3 to submit their answer.
Our "opening video" is quite fun. If you could understand chinese, please click the video below :) I love the atmosphere when Boy Boy and gang started count down 10, 9, 8, 7.... loudly! Woohoo! Thanks for created the great atmosphere that night :)

The video - introduced us - the 4 graduates from this class :) If you were late that night, please do not hesitate to click on "play" :)
I was the worship leader that night. Thank you Sandy, Ah Fen, TD and Ruidi for all the hardworks. It was great.

Pastor Chen shared about "be completed".

Zi Shen and gangs @ "Lord I offer you my life" during offering

Yippee,... I got my cert :) Result.. not bad though....
The lucky 3 who won our t-shirts :p
Group photos with all who came that night :)
Group photo with Pujut and Tudan branch :) Thanks Pujut for the lovely Pink roses :)
This is the real face of Pujut :D NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!

With the kids: Boy Boy, Khai Soon and Ah Yung :) Thanks for coming! No doubt, the one covering the face is little Augustine :)

With my TDs :) Thanks for all the prayer support :)
With the S.H.E :D hahaha Aren't they cute?

Both t-shirts designed by me but they don't mean to be together. I go + Don't follow me :p


Shera said...

Wonderful pix. Indeed look very fun ler. Congrats again, hope you're feeling better :)


BELATED CONGRATULATIONS! What a miss for me :( But I rejoice with our Father to see such commitment from 4 young people offering their lives for God's purpose. I am blessed to know you and really admire God's creation in you. May God give you the desires of your heart as you delight yourself in Him...Ps 37:4
(Btw XL is too big for me, any chance of changing to a smaller size? If not let it be....thanks so much.)

marlene said...

Hello there
i have L size (thats the smallest) Just found one when you asked for :) we shall exchange on sunday ya :)

Thanks again for all your words of encouragement :) I feel so blessed :)

||αн yuиɢ || said...

LOL !! still got bit bit sad sia knot get the tshirt !! apuhh hahaha !! :P teheee !! but gratx for graduation hoho !! dun worrie it not nice , we laught like kisiao enuff for it ^^

Sharon in NE said...

Congratulations Marlene! Well done. Love these pics!