Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quick cards

I took out 2 pieces of used pattern papers, and started to challenge myself to complete 7 cards in an hour time. Terms and conditions: They have to look slightly different :) Wow, too many friend's birthday coming soon so gonna make more cards :)

I know I missed Ong Tou's birthday but I did call him that day :) Phew :) So i made this card for him. I get the idea from here but i didn't have the pattern paper, so i created the background using my own stamps :) Sorry Ong Tou but hope you will like this card :) Little bit cacat though.
Made 4 birthday cards using the same pattern paper by basic grey but all in different layout and feel :)

A thank you card with simple stitches.

I like this piece of paper too. And i make them into birthday cards for July's babies.


Juanita said...

I love these. The ones with Basic Grey are so serene. But the other paper is vibrant and fun. (I love the stitching on there!)

Shera said...

GENG! Salute!....

Sharon in NE said...

Look at you!! Just a card machine, and they are cuuute!