Sunday, June 28, 2009

A simple card that touched my heart

I wanna say Thank you to Michelle again for sent me the blender pens and a lovely handmade card through her sister Xiao Hui who just came back from Australia. I always curious on how she did such beautiful soft pastel colouring and she introduced me the blender pen. Since it is impossible for me to get SU products from Malaysia, so she sent me a set from Australia. Wow! Thank you! Thank you! I am going to try them these few days.

A simple card - made by her - with heart warmth wordings really cheer my day. This is definitely a good medicine for me today. Thanks again Michelle!


Michelle T. said...

again, Marlene. My card looks more great after you edit it :) Anyway, enjoy play with the blender pens. One pen can use for quite a while (two headed). So, basically the set can last you for looong time :)

Agnes Sim said...

wow...really simple n nice wo. ;-)