Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crazy night :)

TD and TD2 wanna make some cards for the young adults' committee that's why they came to my house to make the cards by themselves. They were crazy about the wig (from my shipment) and so excited about this. See, the wig looks so natural on them :D
After almost half an hour of exciment, they finally started to making cards. Wow, they have the talent though :) Great time spent - and i think is a good testimony too.

Finally.. the cards :)

And i made some for them as well :)


||αн yuиɢ || said...

maelene shi fuu hahaha !! funny uii ppl de hat =P lolx !!

Carin said...

great pictures... love the wigs... you are right "so natural"... glad you got your card making stuff & everything else, but the pictures of the people have been great too!

丁华庆 said...

哇!xiao cha bo...哈哈哈哈

Juanita said...

Super cards.
Looks like you had a fun night.

Agnes Sim said...

cool pic...with the hair ;-)

kuosing said...

I cannot believe it!!!
Well, now I do! (after 10 mints pondering what will these girls get if they get to walk around the zoo?)