Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday = Mournday

Someone told me..
Monday = Mourn-day - if life is without Christ :)

Received another gift this morning and... i have to say... i really feel 受宠若惊 again! Thank you PP for sending these 2 CDs as gift for me all the way from Singapore and thank you for the lovely music and thanks for the words on the card and the most is.. Thank you for your friendship.

PP in love with Bossa Nova music recently and she sent me Olivia's CD. (HA! and we know the story behind this as well) Woohoo.. this CD is a nice one! Gaither Vocal Band - is her BF - Clement's favourite :) This band reminds me of BYRON too! Ah...u make me miss Byron so much, PP! :)

Thanks to PP and Clement! 要好好爱我的PP啊!
and... the music will flow whole day - while i pain my 3rd floor. (office area) :)


丁华庆 said...


yea. Olivia is Good.
i miss my olivia. gonna take back from JB.

Jo-L 欣颖 said...

PP, 我很感恩因为你可以在比预期的早一天收到礼物。昨天,收到你得简讯时,我是感动的。。 因为你喜欢那不是手工的卡,我相信是你被我的[甜言蜜语] 感动了吧。。

看到你得那句 - ”Thanks to PP and Clement! 要好好爱我的PP啊!“ 我是真的好好好好感动的。。,因为我知道我的抱抱是带着什么心情来写的。。

PP: all my fren make me feel LOVE and BLESSED

see, all of them ask you must tak gud k of me and 好好爱我

i wan to reply pp's blog

Clement: 我会很听她们话的:)

marlene said...

So sweet :)

Clement said...

玛玲,happy belated birthday. 谢谢你成为你PP的好PP!你的交待收到了,不会负你所托:)

nJoy你的olivia + gaither,相信唱歌的人知道有人喜欢他们的音乐,也是会很高兴的。


job said...