Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pink Roses...

The smell of my room reminds me of my house in Beijing.

My house in Beijing - always "decorated" with a bunch of White lilies. I love the smell of Lilies. :) And tonight, my room is so refreshing - smell of roses and lilies :)

I was inspired by this bunch of PINK roses and decided to use these colours: Pink and Rose Red to make 2 cards for 2 special friends to say few words from the bottom of my heart :)
Here comes the cards :) Roses + Pink for them :) I learnt the way to tie this knot from Savitri.
With the same layout and colour, i came out with these wedding cards for June and one... to keep :)
Ya I know is very PINK again... cause inspired by Pink Roses :)


Juanita said...

I love these cards. I may CASE these from you. But use different colors {we will see where my inspiration takes me}

Jill said...

love these! :)