Sunday, November 08, 2009

Indian Summer 2010 Calendar

There is a chinese says:
曾经沧海难为水 (ceng jing cang hai nan wei shui)
除却巫山不是云 (chu que wu shan bu shi yun)

it means, when you seen the best, the rest are nothing to you.

Well,.. I think i put less effort in this calendar compare to the one i did last 2 months. There is only 1 reason - making calendar is really tiring... so... i don't think i will make more this year... :( Some more - i am running out of the acrylic stand.... May be .. i will focus on CD calendar than....

However, this calendar is simpler: Using 6x6 Basic Grey paper - Indian Summer - as main background and play with White, Pink, Chocolate Chip, Rose Red, More to Mustard as main colours. Although it is simple, but it took me few days to complete :( I am slow... i know...
Here comes my calendar.

Time to enjoy the Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts now :)
Good night everyone :)

These calendars (total of 3) are specially made for Chiu Jing, Pao Pao and my sister - Mary :)