Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas cards

No photoshop to edit my photos(my AH MacBook admitted hospital), so the photos in this blog - gonna be very original :) no touch up at all.

Made some super simple christmas cards. Hope you will like it :)
Card 1: Red and White

Card 2: Everything in blue. I love the outcome of colouring using sponge. I can feel the silent from the card. Can you?


Agnes Sim said...

ur christmas card is so lovely. well done!

Juanita said...

I agree with you about the blue card. It is so calm and beautiful.

Jo-L 欣颖 said...

PP, very very nice.. i LOVE the blue card..remind me the Christmas is ard the corner and make me feel the silent and peace of Christmas..

well done .. my dearest PP

Savitri said...

Both are great but I really LOVE the first one! The red and white is so pretty!