Saturday, November 21, 2009

1 to 1 workshop

Today - is actually a great day.
Busy with house works after prayer meeting...
met up td, td2 to have lunch with pastor Dorcus - it was a great lunch.
Thank God for Pastor Dorcus who cares for us :)

Enjoy the time spent
Enjoy the sharing
and Enjoy the food very much.

But... too enjoy liao - that's why forgot to take photo! ALAMAK!
Nevermind.. today is just warming up - and we will have our PART 2 next week ;)

Pastor Dorcus, I am thankful - to have you as my Paul ;)
The photo below is for td2. Yummy dessert ordered by her. (she left earlier today)

Met up with DKMY to make 2 cards for someone special.
I like his attitude in this (in this only oh! ;p) - serious in spending time making something beautiful for someone who is special. (well, if ugly also wont be too ugly-lah cause i am the shifu ;p)

I am happy that he is happy with the card.
Too bad my laptop - is in hospital and my camera - is not working... ;( So .. these photos are from my iPhone ;( Not too nice.. but the actual card is beautiful.

Great Job DKMY :)
Ops.. by the way, DKMY is a young adult who is good in poetry :)
These are the cards i made - before the workshop.

The card is in PINK. The actual product is so much better than this photo :) I have to say, Great Job DK.

Kind of tired. Decided to sleep earlier. Good night everyone and have a great sunday :)


Juanita said...

Fabulous cards. He must have made those pink cards for somebody very special

Dickons said...

My attitude in other things very bad huh? Hahahah....

marlene said...

Well,.. Dickson.. I will only comment when i know you more :) I only see the good side.. slowly and step by step :)

Dickons said...

owh...hahah..okok...maybe after u here me sing..=p

Esther said...

Hi Marlene,

You don't know me but I have been following your blog! I love all the cards you made and have been inspired to resumed my card making hobby again. I really liked how you tie the ribbon on your cards. Do you mind teaching me how...:)