Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas gift to give away (part 1)

Hi there,
Christmas isn't Christmas without Christ!

This year, I wanna share the love of Christ through more "love" to give. I know - giving gifts is my love language (i show my love by giving more) but spending quality time + words of affirmation are the ways i feel loved :) Wanna know about your love language? click here. Well, if you are interested in reading this book, contact me (for Miri-an only)

How to win these cards? 如何赢取这盒卡片?(一共有10张,3个不同的设计)
(a box of 10 with 3 SUPER SIMPLE DESIGN using SU: Simple of Grace stamps)

Answer the questions, leave ONLY 1 comment. After picks a winner, I will contact the you( if you are the winner), get the address from you and post the cards to you after that. Comments close at 11:11pm, Nov 28. 2009. I will send them to you wherever you are!

Here comes the questions: 问题是....
Do you like Christmas? Why? :) 你喜欢圣诞节吗?为什么?
Answer can be in Chinese language or English :) Malay - boleh accept juga :)

Wohoooooo!Comments are now closed! The winner will be announced shortly :)


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||αн yuиɢ || said...



圣诞节的祝福,圣诞节的晚餐, 圣诞节的礼物, 圣诞节的聚会, 圣诞节的祷告,圣诞节的一切对不同的人都会带着不同的意义!


如果可以,我今年好像有机会再到那里帮助那些小孩!上次已经失去这个机会了!趁着圣诞节的来临,希望能再次去那里,给他们希望 =)



From : AhYung

Juanita said...

Thanks for posting the link to the Love Language test. I have been meaning to read the book for sometime now, but taking the quick test affirmed some things for me.
I LOVE Christmas. I love the Christ focused celebrations that happen at our church, I love the time with family, I love the enthusiasm of children and I love the tradition of baking and welcoming people into your home.
{By the way, beautiful cards}

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Dickons said...

I like christmas but not reli like that kind. Because i din reli celebrate christmas b4. It jsut pass by like " hey, yesterday was christmas" But then, i realize the only gift that i reli look into are cards because they can be kept forever if its kept under good condition. Cards keep people warm as they send regards and greeting that people will actually feel happy and blessed. Present are always unappropriate if wrong type of gifts are gifted.I like cards cause you can look at it every year and the memories jst come into you. :) thats all..nitez

Anonymous said...

I love Xmas. The best time to eat, shop, spend money. Christmas with you around is fantastic. How are you doing in Malaysia?


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Sheerah said...

aiks...... balu nak comment, then dah tutup >.< oh well, nvm la. just comment to share my thoughts. hehe..

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! for many many reasons.... the peaceful jolly mood, the decos, the songs etc etc..

but the main reason is:
because this is the time where my family gathers. There are days when we have our worries, arguements and stuff but as we have dinner together, sing songs and opens presents, all this seems to disappear and everyone is jolly :)

Betty said...

very nice!