Monday, November 23, 2009

Meeting up with Sam

I love this place - Citrus - since the 1st time i stepped into this restaurant.
This restaurant is very clean in design and i just love the white and green feel: refreshing ;) Well,.... despite some of the props-lah :p

Since i came back, I will bring my friend to Citrus for
- popeh popeh
- celebration
- sharing
- relaxing
- working perhaps :p

and i realised they have VIP system recently :) I think i can get one VIP card though :)

I met up with Samantha - a friend who went to China MT with me in 2002 and we didn't contact each other for years. I feel great to meet her today - and we had 2 hours lunch, sharing about our life stories, update each other about our current situation.... this is just so sweet and i enjoyed the time we spent together today.

Samantha, wish to see you again and again and again! Join me to my church ya :) I love to serve with you again in coming future.


samantha said...

it's really a blessing for me to have u as friend.thru ur sharing,i reliaze tat God's responde can be tat REAL n's an amazing life,i would say.
**so touch with ur story,i guess u see tear in my eye,hehehe...paiseh :P

marlene said...

Sam, I saw your tears. Actually i wrote in this post but.. i removed it - scare you Pai Say ma :) We shall meet up more often... since you are on holiday! Jom. Meet up again! 'Car' me with your RAV4! woohoooo